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CSR10: Rabid Flash Mob "Like a Riot" CD



1. Gone Away
2. Norfolk Southern
3. Pterodactyls
4. The Factory
5. Flash Don't Crash
6. Mass Worm Suicide
7. Put Some Cheese On That Bitch
8. December 23rd
9. No Respect
10. Social Inequality
12. Whiskey

Debut full length album!
Limited to 100 copies

Release Date August 6, 2016


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CSR09: Rabid Flash Mob "The Local Scene" CD EP



1. The Whiskey Tango
2. Put Some Cheese on that Bitch
3. The Art of Avoiding...
4. Collisions

Rockin debut recording of this trio from Fairfax, VA!
Limited to 100 copies
Available NOW!

Release Date July 6, 2013


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CSR08: The Young Sinclairs "Chimeys" LP




Side A:
1. Forever After
2. Didn't You Baby
3. (I Need You) To Be Strong
4. Kidding Yourself
5. Have a Home
6. Kind of Soul
7. Open One

Side B:

8. Push Down on You
9. You Can Have Her
10. I'll Get Even
11. We Spoke Our Minds
12. I'm Not Sorry
13. Future Man

Magnificent 12 inch purple vinyl of the brand new full length from The Young Sinclairs at 33 RPM
Limited to 500 copies
Includes a digital download.

Release Date June 15, 2010


Includes a free digital download.
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CSR07: Eternal Summers EP 10" vinyl




Side A:
1. Loaded One
2. Fall Straight Back
3. Able To
4. I Must Winter

Side B:

5. In the Beginning
6. Heart Squeeze
7. Kry
8. Lightswitch

Glorious 10 inch vinyl at 45 RPM includes a digital download!

Released March 13, 2010


Includes a free digital download.
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CSR06: Mark Zander - "It Really Is" CD


1. Shamelime
2. Fear the Name
3. It's Not a Cliff...
4. Jungle Song
5. Rock Yr Body
6. The Authority
7. Flying Upwards Carrying Knives
8. Groundskeep
9. Breaking Gourds
10. Lights On


Recorded in Roanoke, VA by The Magic Twig Community

Released April 27, 2010

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CSR05: Eternal Summers / Reading Rainbow - "Summer Reading" split 7 inch record


Eternal Summers
  • Secret Language
  • Electric Blue
Reading Rainbow
  • Be Who I See
  • Be My Sunrise


A split with your 2 new favorite 2-piece bands!

Released August 15, 2009


Includes a free digital download.
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CSR04: imadethismistake- "it's okay" cassette

Side A:
1. i swear
2. there are clear skies beyond tallahassee
3. friends and enemies
4. my sins
5. a return to form
6. o.c.d. is b.s.
Side B:
7. daydreams at large
8. shit end of the wishbone (purist)
9. tear it off proper (for ben, cayce, and joe)
10. it's okay
11. i promise

Vinyl version released with The Cottage Records

Released May 2008


Includes a free digital download.
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CSR03: 5-4-Whoa! - a compilation of Southwest VA bands



1. The Makeout - Desperados
2. Social Studies - ICTV
3. Abe Hensley - Attacaland
4. DARKHILLS - Animals v. Human Battle 12
5. The Two Funerals - What Did You Do Today?
6. Gnarwolf - Collateral Slammage
7. The Bastards of Fate - University Chills
8. Mark Zander - Groundskeep
9. Lee Street Riots - Honest Johnny's ICBMs
10. Couchboy - Eschatology
11. Just Marshall - Thanks for Last Night
12. False Hope - Consumed
13. Against the Norm - Five Year Nightmare
14. Illbotz - Doo Doo Def
15. The Misled - Of the Dead
16. The Lapdogs - Girlfriend
17. Forensic Teens - Reading Rainbow
18. Hostile 17 - No Action
19. The Wading Girl - City Skyline
20. The House Floor - The Father, The Son, and the Unholy Tendency (Your Ben Addiction)

-20 tracks from 20 different bands from Southwest VA-

Released March 4, 2008

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CSR02: Against the Norm - "Stop the War" EP


1. Stop the War
2. Slut
3. I Hate My Job
4. Dream in a Dream (acoustic)




Follow-up EP from Against the Norm

Released 2006

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CSR01: Against the Norm - "Reign of Stupidity" CD-R



1. Wake Up Society
2. Orange
3. Shining Star
4. Turned Away
5. Living in Fear
6. I Just Don't Know
7. Mass Work Suicide
8. New Dawn
9. Fuck the Cops
10. Dream in a Dream
11. Reign of Stupidity
12. Quatre Guitares
13. People Hate the U.S.A.

Debut album from the one man punk band Against the Norm.

Released 2004

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